Farm Africa Success

By: Shaan Fye, Executive Director

I am proud to say that our fundraising efforts for Farm Africa have been a complete success. The entire Invigorating Gardens team’s ingenuity and creativity allowed us to raise over a thousand dollars for this wonderful non-profit organization. Without the generous support of the Pittsburgh community, we don’t know how this could have been possible. Over the past 6 weeks, Jack Fako and I have worked to secure money for an organization that Invigorating Gardens shares principles with; an organization that values the positive effects that enhanced agricultural output can bring to communities. This partnership helped to bridge the gap between gardens in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and larger-scale agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This isn’t the end of this wonderful, dynamic partnership. Rather, this is only the beginning. We will be releasing our next project idea soon for a second round of Farm Africa fundraising. Once again, thank you to the entire Pittsburgh community for your generous support.

$1170 Raised!



Farm Africa Success

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