Farm Africa in Fox Chapel

By: Shaan Fye, Executive Director

We, at Invigorating Gardens, wanted to do something different this fall.  As the growing year successfully concludes, we wanted to continue helping farmers improve output and productivity, but in an entirely new way.  We wanted to connect our social capital from the Fox Chapel area with a meaning that transcends borders and nationalities.  That ambitious idea came to fruition in a recent meeting, and we are proud to introduce it to everyone.

This fall, Invigorating Gardens is teaming up with Farm Africa to raise money in efforts to empower African farmers to grow their peoples out of poverty.  This concept, perfected by the team at Farm Africa, is contrasted with the archetypal aid organization that sends those in need temporary solutions, like food.  This may alleviate short-term starvation, but fails to sow the seeds of change within those afflicted areas.  Farm Africa changes this, helping educate and upgrade farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, literally teaching them out of poverty and malnourishment.

We, as a team, will be working with high school volunteers from around Pittsburgh to provide end-of-year garden and yard cleanup at a name-your-price policy.  Beginning October 4th, lasting 3 weeks after that, our team will be available to help clear yards and gardens, with all proceeds going directly towards Farm Africa.

To schedule a time, please call 412 980 1649 or submit a form here.  Looking forward to working together!



Farm Africa in Fox Chapel

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